RCVFD Board Meetings

The RCVFD Board of Directors is comprised of community members helping with the business of running our volunteer fire department. They approve budgets, oversee expenditures, fundraise, and represent residents on the third Wednesday of each month. These regular meetings are open to the public, but since the events of 2020 they have been moved from Station 1 to an online Zoom meeting to facilitate social distancing and maintain all attendees' health and safety. If you would like to attend, drop the current Board President  a line and he/she will ensure that you receive the connection details.

Sunday, 25 July 2021 20:37

Next Month Agenda

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Sunday, 25 July 2021 20:36

Last Month Minutes

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Sunday, 25 July 2021 20:31

Guidelines for Public Forum

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  1. Any petitioner or member of the public wishing to speak must place his or her name on a list and identify the topic prior to the scheduled start of the meeting.
  2. The President will determine whether the topic is appropriate, and recognize speakers during the Open (Public) Forum in the order in which their names appear on the list. After being recognized by the President, the speaker must state his/her name and address for the record. 
  3. The period allotted for the Open Forum is a maximum of 20 minutes, unless an extension of this period is approved by a majority of the Board members present. Comments must be kept to 2 minutes or less; however, if there are a limited number of speakers and only after all speakers have had an opportunity to speak, may further comment may be heard from a recognized speaker for up to the remainder of the allotted Open (Public) Forum session.
  4. Should the speaker deviate from the stated topic, the President may ask the person to cease and to step down. All remarks shall be addressed to the President and through the President and shall not be addressed to any individual member of the Board. No speaker having the floor shall enter into discussion either directly or through a member of the Board without the permission of the President.
  5. All speakers are required to maintain civility.
  6. Only one public speaker is allowed per topic/issue, per meeting.
  7. The meeting minutes will acknowledge the speakers and their topics.