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Sunday, 21 February 2016 13:46

RCVFD Response Profile

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 RCVFD responds to between 50 and 100 calls per year.  Currently, the mixture is about 50/50 fire/medical (rescue).  RCVFD is a classic Wildland Urban Interface (houses in the woods) fire department and faces all the challenges created by that. As the population density and number of visitors to our area increases, RCVFD continues to see a more diverse set of responses and a higher level of expectation.  It is important that, if you visit or live in a rural area such as RCVFD’s response area, you understand the limitations imposed upon emergency response by that area.  The fact that we have no hydrant system and must deal with diverse weather and topography and long travel distances (not to mention volunteer staff) means that RCVFD will probably never provide the 4-minute response expected in town.  This means that we (RCVFD and the community) must work together to provide appropriate and timely responses.  RCVFD is committed to providing the very best professional emergency services we can and we continually strive to improve or expand our services.  Your support is critical.
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