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Fire Recovery - Update from Emergency Management

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Hello All - I wanted to provide a few updates from the newsletter that was sent out last week for spring and summer activities (also attached here for those who are new to this mailing).

1. Funding and assistance for private lands, roads, and property - I met with the Long-Term Recovery Group yesterday and they have confirmed that they have both funding and volunteers that can help with private road damages from the fire, arranging contractors to help with household debris transport, and to meet other financial needs. If you haven't already contacted them to determine what might be possible, please reach out at the following phone number:


There were restrictions for federal assistance for some areas that are gated communities, but those restrictions do not apply for the Long-Term Recovery Group so please reach out. Also, I heard from one landowner that said that a faith-based group came up to help and began discussing religion with the landowner, which was not welcome. I want everyone to know that I spoke to our faith-based volunteer groups about this and they said that should never happen. They are sending out additional messaging for their groups so that you do not need to worry about a volunteer group coming to help you and bringing up their religious beliefs. They have strict rules against that for disaster volunteers.

2. Debris - Our debris contractor assessed the fire area and determined that moving trees to a mulching location will be difficult or impossible in some areas. Therefore, we are changing the debris plan to chip the trees on site. Many property owners have actually requested this so I hope that it doesn't cause concern. We will need Right of Entry permissions to conduct this work on private roads and lands so if you have not reviewed the form, please use the following link to sign or see the attached for review.

This will be done for both roadway vegetative debris and stream debris. For those who have hazard trees in other places on their property, please contact the case management phone number above for volunteers who can help to remove those trees. If we do not have permission from the landowner, we will have to leave the debris as is and leave the hazard trees in place for that specific property. If you need the form mailed to you, please let me know.

3. Insurance Question on Right of Entry Form - I have gotten a few questions about the Right of Entry Form provision regarding duplication of benefits. This clause was needed in the form to ensure people do not get funding from both insurance and FEMA for the same task. So, simply, if you have insurance to help with clean up and debris efforts, you should use that first and then other programs can be available for whatever remains. The county will not be seeking reimbursement from homeowners for the work we do in the fire area.

I think that is everything for now. If you have any questions please reach out to this email address. Thank you.

Lori Hodges, CEM, PMP
Director, Office of Emergency Management
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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