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Larimer County Fire Restrictions

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On recommendation by the Larimer County Sheriff, the Board of Larimer County Commissioners yesterday voted 3-0 to adopt fire restrictions in unincorporated Larimer County since the danger of wildfire, forest and grass fires are great due to above-normal temperatures, lightning strikes and windy, dry conditions.

As of noon, June 29, 2022, restrictions on open fires for the unincorporated portions of Larimer County go into effect. These restrictions stay in effect until noon, July 29, 2022. Also in effect are restrictions on the use of fireworks, combustible devices, public firework displays and incendiary devices. This is not a fire ban.

Restricted starting today:
  • Open fires, including camp or cooking fires
  • Smoking in the open is not allowed, including on trails, parks, and open spaces.
  • Fireworks or firework displays.
  • Incendiary devices including sky lanterns, exploding ammunition, exploding targets, and tracer ammunition.
  • Welding

Not Restricted:
  • Contained open fires in permanently constructed stationary masonry or metal fireplaces specifically designed for the purpose of combustion.
  • Gas or Liquid Fueled Fires fueled by bottled gas or pressurized liquid shall include but are not limited to portable heaters, cooking stoves, heating stoves, hiking/camping stoves, grills, fire pits, fireplaces, etc.
  • The use of an internal or external combustion engine with a spark arresting device properly installed, maintained, and in effective working order and meeting published standards.
  • Fireplaces or wood stoves located inside permanent structures.
  • Fires in commercially operated wood and/or charcoal-fired grills designed for cooking.
  • Charcoal-fired grills when used at a private residence and location on a non-combustible surface of at least ten feet in diameter.
  • Welding and other torch work within an enclosed building.
  • Outdoor welding and other torch work provided that:
    • The area where the welding or other torch work is to be performed is free of vegetation for at least thirty feet in all directions.
    • Wind speed is less than 10 mph.
    • There is sufficient fire suppressant immediately available to suppress any fire that may be started.
  • Fires in air curtain burners.
  • Public firework display approved by the appropriate Fire Department or Fire District.

The Sheriff may give limited exemptions from these restrictions based on his pre-approval and inspection.

Any person who knowingly violates the restrictions can be fined. The Ordinance for the Regulation of Open Burning in Unincorporated Larimer County can be found by clicking here (PDF). The full text of the Larimer County notice can be read here.
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