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Mountain Lion Attacks Lower Buckhorn

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On Tuesday evening 11/7 we lost 2 of our goats to a couple of mountain lions. One we believe was lost and confused in the thick fog that day and was attacked on our south facing mountainside. The other goat was 12 feet from our east facing deck well within our perimeter fencing. Our dog alerted from inside. Turning on the east side light I immediately saw large lion prints and a clear drag mark that ran down the east side to the south side of the house until the lion could not get its kill outside the fencing. It was to dark even with outside lighting to safely follow the mountain lion tracks and drag mark that was approximately 80-100 yards long. Wednesday morning upon inspection I found one dead goat inside our fenced area at the end of the drag mark with clear lion tracks. Other than the kill of this goat there was no sign the lion attempted to eat it. I believe the lion abandoned its kill when I turned on the outside lights. We stumbled upon the second goat with the lion guarding it. We were approximately 20 feet from the lion before it growled and turned away. Yesterday 11/11 2 more goats were picked off by the lion(s). We are aware of the obvious, we moved into predator territory and goats if you've ever had the experience are hard to contain in any sort of fencing. Despite all off this, the lion has killed 6 times on our property within the last 8 months! And, 3 of those 5 kills were well within our perimeter fencing close to the house. This mountain lion or lions are clearly comfortable walking up close to the house! Be alert! Be safe! Be aware!

Steve and Cind Noble
Lower Buckhorn
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