Sunday, 16 December 2018 20:53

Chimney Fire Season

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Last night we had a close call - a chimney fire that did not become a wildfire or a full structure fire. This is "chimney fire season" - please take this opportunity of a few warm days to see that your chimney is thoroughly cleaned. People always ask how often they should clean their chimney. Some resources say a once a year cleaning and inspection is enough, but it totally depends on your stove, your firewood & how you operate your stove. You can never clean it too often, so don't let combustibles build up in your chimney. Chimney fires can easily become full structure fires, they also spew lots of sparks so can easily start a wildland fire around your home, and finally the heat of a chimney fire can damage your flue increasing the chance of a future fire. So do your part and make sure that chimney is clean...!

Thanks & Adios, CJD
Carol Dollard, Chief
Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department
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