Wednesday, 28 June 2017 10:54

Lots of Bear Problems this Year

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We returned home last night to find a bear had broken out a ground-floor window and proceeded to ransack the kitchen while we were gone. We had no food, trash, or hummingbird feeders outside, and no windows open. Of additional concern is that he tried to come in our front door first, so it appears he views houses in general as food sources, since he attempted entry there before coming to back of the house where the kitchen is located. He also seemed to know exactly how to get in, and where to go and what to do once inside.

He may have cut a paw on the broken glass, since we found dried blood in and outside the house. Be on the lookout for a wounded bear who has no qualms of breaking and entering, and likes beef, sugar, chocolate, Crisco, honey, and Doritos.

Seriously, though, it sounds like this bear (and possibly more) are making the rounds and have no fear.

Mike and Sharon Guli
Paradise Park
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