Sunday, 30 July 2017 21:07

Missing herd of steers

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My name is Amy Williams. My husband, Todd, and I ranch in the Pingree Park area and we graze cattle in the upper Buckhorn/Monument Gulch area part of the summer. I spoke with Dick Vannorsdel this morning and he suggested that I contact you to see if you could please help us spread the word through your community alert.

We are missing our herd of steers that were grazing on the Dickerson homestead along USFS road 135 and 44-H. Sometime on Tuesday, July 18th it appears that the herd was chased through four-strand barbed wire fence by something. The herd might have been split up at the time so we don’t know if they are all together now or in two groups. With the heavy rains on Wednesday we have little to go on in the tracking department though we believe that some headed towards Greer Road and that is where the tracking ends due to heavy rains washing out sign.

We are in need of eyes to be on the lookout for them and appreciate any leads. All are branded and most are ear tagged with yellow, blue or white tags. Two blacks have horns. There are 23 steers missing. 19 blacks, 4 reds. Unsure what direction they may be heading. Any sightings or sign of tracks/manure please contact us at 970-881-2147 or email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kindest regards,

TAW Cattle Co.
Todd & Amy Williams
181 Lazy D Ranch Road
Bellvue, CO 80512
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