Saturday, 14 January 2017 10:53


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Someone came onto our property either yesterday late afternoon or early this morning and stole a cordless drill, impact driver and a battery from the toolbox on the chipper that is being used to clear burned trees from the property. We suspect they walked in sometime between when the timber workers left yesterday afternoon and before dark or, in broad daylight this morning before the workers returned to the property to begin work (which further suggests they may have been watching the property). We did call law enforcement, a deputy came to the site, and at my request he contacted several close neighbors to “see if they saw anything suspicious”. The toolbox was not locked but getting to the chipper was a deliberate act on the part of the person who took it. You can’t just be walking by its current location halfway up the side of the mountain on private property and just happen to see there are tools inside the big heavy metal lid that is always closed. I think maybe neighbors might like to know there is someone in the area who can’t be trusted, I live about a mile above Fire Station 1, north side.
Helen Mawhiney
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