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Foam, Shelters and Med
Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 07:00pm - 09:30pm
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Who couldn't use a refresher on foam and to finish of our wildland refresher we get to try on fire shelters!!!  Tonight's training will be organized into 3 stations (at Station 1) with a scenario time permitting.     


For more information on Foam please see the training library and find the article on Foam.   There are 2 awesome videos I know you'll like;)


A lot of things/SOGs have been looked at recently at ops and the weekend refresher.  IN case you've missed them or have forgotten here is a partial list. 

SLOW DOWN and WEAR Seat Belts  -- 

Bunker gear required for any Medical on the road. 

Do a debrief following an incident -- please bring the summary of the debrief to training. 

Scene priorities   Life Safety - Yours, other resopnders and others,  Incident Stabilization, Property Protection 

CAN Reports-- - At template for talking to 900  Current Conditions, Actions Taking, Needs 

Build a scene....  Communicate on the way !!!



Location Station 1