Structure Fire Emergency Prepardness
Each year we get called on a few chimney fires. Other recent causes of house fires range from mice eating electrical wires to flammable materials which have ignited near the house.

This page has designed to help you keep your home safe.

Perform your own home safety audit using the checklist from PFA located on the menu and here

Inspect and clean your chimney as needed. Factors that effect how often you may need to maintanence your chimney are type of wood burned, how hot you burn your fires, how often you burn, and the construction/age of your fireplace/wood stove and chimney. If in doubt seek the recommendations of a professional chimney sweep.

Check your smoke alarms monthly. Replace them every 10 years. If you don't have smoke alarms in the required locations go get some

Do you have a CO alarm? Many newer fire alarms are now fire and CO combined. Modern CO alarms can also detect hazardous gases like propane. Check with the manufacturer for more information

Keep flammable liquids away from furnaces and water heaters