Wildfire Preparedness

Give yourself a fighting chance against wildfires

It seems like every year there’s a major wildfire in Colorado. Take charge! Learn how you can protect your family –including pets and livestock — and your home before there is a fire. Sign up for Community Alerts. Clear trees and brush from around the perimeter of your home. Come up with an escape plan. And don’t wait for permission to leave. Know when to go. Give yourself a fighting chance.

Sunday, 01 May 2016 08:15

5 Ways to Live Safer in the Mountains

  1. How is your D-Space? Creating defensible space doesn't mean a clearcut around the perimeter of your property. In fact, managing your forest to increase canopy clearing and effective use of zoning can dramatically increase the health of your forest and make you safer. Our fire-adapted trees need continuous thinning to be healthy for generations to come. Defensible space is needed to slow or stop the spread of wildfire and it protects your home from catching fire— either from direct flame contact or radiant heat. Defensible space is also important for the protection of the firefighters defending your home.
  2. Can your house survive an ember storm? Are there combustible items near your house? Firewood stacked on the deck from last winter? Walk around your house a couple times during the summer and remove combustible items next to your house. Check gutters and valleys for pine needles and remove them. If possible, close openings that sparks or embers can enter into your home.
  3. Have an evacuation plan and list. There are all kinds of resources available on our site and the greater web for evacuation plans. Sometimes depending on the speed of the fire you may only have a few minutes or few hours to prepare -keep this in mind when developing a priortized evacuation plan.
  4. Keep informed regarding current fire conditions during the summer. Lots of moisture in the winter and spring can result in more fast burning fuels.
  5. Work together as a community! Many hands make light work! Your mitigation may only be as good as your neighbors. We are an independent mountain community but when it comes to wildfire we rely on each other to do their part. The more we work together the safer we make our properties and our neighborhoods. Can a fire truck get down or up your road? Is there a second way out? Is your address clearly marked? All these things can make a big difference on how much firefighters can do to save your home