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RCVFD Board Meetings (4)

The RCVFD Board of Directors is comprised of community members helping with the business of running our volunteer fire department. They approve budgets, oversee expenditures, fundraise, and represent residents on the third Wednesday of each month. These regular meetings are open to the public, but since the events of 2020 they have been moved from Station 1 to an online Zoom meeting to facilitate social distancing and maintain all attendees' health and safety. If you would like to attend, drop the current Board President  a line and he/she will ensure that you receive the connection details.

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RCVFD is Donation Based and Tax Exempt (501c3). Any donation you make to RCVFD will be tax exempt and can be deducted.



Donate via the PayPal button above, or donations can also be sent to:
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Bellvue, CO 80512

Questions, contact the Treasurer on the contact page.


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Norm Miller was a firefighter and EMT with us for about 20 years, but that doesn't begin to describe how important he was to our department and our community. For many years he maintained the trucks and Station 1 to make sure we would always be ready when the call came in. He was a primary responder for that entire time, participating in every call he could, no matter the hour. His outgoing nature and friendly demeanor, not to mention his iconic and ever-present pipe, was often the first impression that new recruits formed about our department, and really set the tone for open and accepting culture that has pervaded RCVFD. He was always patient and kind, providing help to anyone that needed it.

Despite his major role in our story, we were but a single chapter of his. He served in the US Army, stationed in Germany as a mechanic, and volunteered for the Colorado Ski Patrol. He was a lifelong ham radio operator, a pilot, and part of a barbershop quartet. He rebuilt Porsches and VWs in his home garage after being a mechanic for many years. He even won the first ever race at Continental Divide Raceway in a silver Porsche 356 Speedster. The list goes on and on.

Norm is survived by his wife Joan, daughters Lynn and Diane, and an entire family of heartbroken Rist Canyon Firefighters.


Norm saving a cat during the High Park Fire, 2012

Saturday, 01 January 2022 10:57

Board Meetings During Covid

The RCVFD board will be conducting meetings either in person or via Zoom “calls” for the duration of the current pandemic. The decision to move to in person meetings will be determined by a majority vote of the board. If in person meetings take place, we will comply with all Larimer County Health Department Requirements and Recommendations that are in place at the time of the meeting.

Sunday, 25 July 2021 20:37

Next Month Agenda

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Sunday, 25 July 2021 20:36

Last Month Minutes

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Sunday, 25 July 2021 20:31

Guidelines for Public Forum

The Board welcomes discussion with RCVFD members. The Public Forum portion of meetings will be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order, meaning the discussion will stay on topic and time for discussion will be limited. Each item of discussion brought up during the open forum will be treated similarly. Members who are unable to attend Board meetings have the option of bringing comments and concerns to their Area Reps. The Area Reps can bring your discussion items to the Board.

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Some pictures from the RCVFD Festival 2018 Sept 7-9 .  Many thanks to the the people involved to make it happen.  It was a huge success 


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April 2018  RCVFD Station 1 CO


RCVFD hosted an all-day wildland fire refresher. The photos show us deploying practice shelters, learning new CPR protocols, getting our safety reminder from the chief and Claudia giving us an afternoon 5 min yoga break.   Please enjoy the photos! 





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September 22, 2017  Ben Delatour Boy Scout Ranch Red Feather Lakes CO


RCVFD participated as part of a multi-agency task force for a prescribed burn operation at the Boy Scout Ranch.  Under leadership of The Nature Conservancy, we were able to introduce a healthy controlled fire of ~300 acres to the ranch.  Besides preventing a future high severity burn, the prescribed fire had many additional benefits.  These benefits included establishment of diverse wildlife habit, increases forest heath, watershed protection,  reduction of invasive species and capacity building for future burns.  RCVFD directly benefited by acquiring skills to "fight fire with fire".  Along side USFS, Poudre Canyon Fire, LCES, LSCO, CSU, Poudre River Coalition and other agencies and volunteer groups we accomplished an awesome amount of work.   Please enjoy the photos! 


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Auto Extrication is a complicated process.  A patient or a number of patients are trapped in a car.  The dash is smashed in and downward due to the force of the accident.  The steering wheel has been forced down onto the legs of the driver so he is trapped also.  On top of everything the vehicle is rocking about to fall down a hill.  This is auto extrication: a skill we at the fire department hope we never have to use but it is something we practice.....

On September 10 2017,  RCVFD was fortunate to participate in this very special training by Poudre Canyon Fire Protection District PCFPD.  Before we go on... thank you Poudre Canyon Fire!!!

In the parking lot of the beautiful Shambhala Mountain Center campus,  Tony Falbo from Poudre Canyon Fire taught us some of his "jaws of life" skills as well as how to quickly and efficiently work as a team to free auto-accident victim.  From stabilizing the vehicle, punching and cutting out the windows, to cutting the posts, lifting off the roof, we used a variety of hydraulically powered tools to pry the vehicle open.  Over the course of a day we went through it all and took apart 4 cars in the process.  

We appreciate Tony and the rest of the Poudre Canyon crew for putting together an excellent training.  Neighboring fire departments training together is one of the many ways we strengthen our mountain communities.  Enjoy the photos! 



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